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Tres Chic Veronique


Yarn Purchase Withdrawal Symptoms

I think I'm experiencing yarn-purchase withdrawal symptoms: I have a headache. I want to sleep all day. I'm cranky. I WANT TO BUY YARN!

Normally, when all my projects bore me (Rowan's Pam aran cardie, Hanne Falkenberg's half completed Mermaid, Gentlemen's Lozenge sock -one more to go!-, one third of Birch that I'd forgotten about, a stalled Goth right at the start, Panache which I'm somewhat bored with, etc etc), I solve my existential ennui and irritation by buying yarn for a new project. You know what I mean: it's the lure of the new! This project will not have gauge issues! This project is going to have the perfect yarn that does not make your hands ache like that other yarn did! This project is going to have an error-free pattern! This project is going to fit me perfectly!
Oh, in that moment, you just *know* that it will be the best project ever...

Well. As you know, I cannot buy yarn. This is making me very irritable. I try to avoid going straight home from work. Instead, I go out with friends. (What a new concept!). If I am home, none of my half-completed projects thrown about on the couch appeal to me. Each project has something wrong with it, some aspect that I dread: Now that I've knit the 2 fronts of the aran cardie, I realize what long rows lay ahead of me for the back. Ugh. I have to rip out about half of Mermaid, and wash the yarn. My arms are sore just thinking about it! I cannot memorize the Lozenge pattern. I put Birch on scrap yarn, and it will take a long time to get it back on the needles. My st count is off for Goth. Where did I put Panache? Oh, just listing everything that is wrong with these projects is giving me a headache... Of course, the fact that I stayed out late last night and saw these ladies perform might be contributing.

Even the prospect of making a lace shawl does not tempt me. (Now you know it's serious!). I need a shawl for a wedding at the end of April, otherwise I will freeze in my bridesmaid dress. I have some laceweight yarn. (How much is "some"? Oh, about 8 shawls' worth). I have a few patterns I've been thinking about... But I'm just not excited about it. *sigh*

Any known cures for the knitting blahs?


By Veronique
On Thursday, March 01, 2007
At 3/01/2007 03:02:00 PM