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Tres Chic Veronique


Another summer dress...

I had a choice, one thursday night in August, of either cleaning my room before my mom came to visit for the weekend, or break out the sewing machine.
Can you guess which one I chose?...After the success of my black heart dress, I bought enough fabric at Purl to make 3 more dresses this summer. On that particular thursday night, I remembered that I had this cute New Look pattern (I had seen Yai Ann's pin tucked top and want to give it a whirl) and even cuter fabric.
Anyway, it took me 7 hours, from 6pm until 1am to make this (not counting the one hour I spent on the phone with my friend Liisa, who has cast on for the Minimalist Cardigan and had a few questions).
Pattern specs:
Pattern: New Look 6239 view A, with belt.
Fabric: from Heather Ross' Lighting Bugs and Other Mysteries collection, "Goldfish". Check it out: all the goldfish have names! I have studied them closely and come to the conclusion that I cannot pick a favorite among them.(OK, fine, I love Malcolm, who dared to turn around and show his butt, and Bubbles's confused expression makes me giggle).
Mods: Why are sewing pattern sizes so baffling? I take my measurements, compare them with what's on the envelope, then deduce what size I'm supposed to make. So far, so good. And then the garment inevitably ends up huge! Why? Is it done on purpose? Do they add a lot of ease? Do they think that sewers will underestimate their measurements? Do they think that it's better to have a dress that's too big and that you can take in rather than a garment that is too small? I had to completely re-do the top orange part... Very annoying.
Check the pintucks! A little fiddly, but so worth it! First impression: Well, I must admit that once I finished the dress and tried it on, I panicked. You see, without the belt, it looks like an old-fashioned night gown (think Little House on the Prairie). Good thing my roommate Jess insisted I make the belt (I was ready to ditch the whole thing and go to bed). The finished dress, with belt, looks lovely, and has already gotten a lot of wear. Oh, and the Heather Ross fabric is fantastic: somehow it's a crisp cotton and it's soft, all at the same time. This dress is a winner!

And now that you're wondering whether I have crossed over to the sewing side... Well, I *did* buy a sewing-themed bag at Brooklyn Industries. But look! I still take my Misocrafty knitting pouch with me everywhere.

By Veronique
On Wednesday, September 26, 2007
At 9/26/2007 07:01:00 PM


Blue and More Blue!

A quick update before I show the 2 last dresses of the summer that I sewed at the very end of August...

One friday night at Spiders, I noticed that Schrodinger was knitting the most beautiful socks that I have ever seen. The pattern looked like butterflies, or chromosomes depending on the angle... I was smitten. She emailed me the pdf of the pattern (by the way, it's"Esther" by Stephanie van der Linden) that she found on a German Yahoo sock group (Sock-Creativ-List), and as soon as I bought sock yarn at Seaport yarn, I was off! The next thing you know, other Spiders had realized how lovely this pattern is, and a few cast on as well. I'm not sure who was first, but we sure jumped on that bandwagon.
Esther's Sock
OK, fine, this is a crappy picture of a sock on my arm, and you can't even see the butterflies very well. Let's say that I don't want a full reveal until I've finished at least one sock, ok?

Now, I'm still looking for a good Fall Sweater Project. You know what I mean: a good meaty project, with a complicated pattern and an all-encompassing "perfect yarn" search? I want to make Olga's jacket, from the cover of Sensual Knits, but the book is not out yet... I have a couple of design ideas, but they're not fully formed. What to do?... A scarf!
P's scarf
Here is my trick on designing a scarf: you find an awesome stitch pattern, and you add 3 stitches of garter stitch on either side. Voila! This stitch pattern is from one of the Harmony Guides (maybe this one?), and the yarn is the super soft Cashmerino Aran. I picked the shade to match the recipient's eye color! The pattern is easy to memorize and I've discovered that locking stitch markers make perfect cable needles. All in all, perfect subway knitting.

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By Veronique
On Thursday, September 13, 2007
At 9/13/2007 12:00:00 PM