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Tres Chic Veronique



I've just been awarded a "You Make My Day" award by the Plucky Knitter! Aww, Sarah, you're making me blush...

Give the award to 10 people whose blogs bring you happiness and inspiration and make you feel happy about blogland. Let them know by posting a comment on their blog so they can pass it on. Beware you may get the award several times.

This is going to be tough, as I read .... (checking Bloglines...): 147 blogs!
1.I'm going to cheat a little and name the Spiders' homepage. That one site will give you access to 21 blogs :)
2. Yai Ann. Rangsiwan is a multi tasking expert: she can knit! She can sew! She can cook! In fact, she started Defiantly Domestic along with Yahaira and Leah, a blog in which all 3 authors follow the same recipe. Brilliant idea! Rangsiwan has a pretty cool thigh high sock pattern in Sensual Knits. So avant garde in fact, that during the photoshoot, they were mistakenly worn as slouchy, below-the-knee socks. I can assure you that once stretched, the lace pattern is very nice.
3. The ADD knitter. Witty and clever, Heather brings a smile to my face every time she posts! She introduced me to the term "chocqua"--the baby that results from the marriage of brown and blue. As soon as I showed off my new vocabulary word, my boyfriend put in a request for a chocqua quilt. Thanks Heather.
4. No More Sweaters. Faith can find the best links! Sometimes, she links to something that I've already read, and then I feel like I'm in the know. Ha!
5. Flint Knits. I think we have all read Pam's post about "the" Drops cardi. Then, we collectively drooled and 1,407 of us added it to our Ravelry queue. Also? She has kick ass tattoos.
6. Whispering Pine. Blossom makes everything look so easy...
7. Slipped Stitch. I "met" Alice when she was my secret pal, and I haven't stopped reading her since.
8. The Plucky Knitter. She put me on her list, and I'm putting her on mine. Is that allowed? Her hand dyed yarn makes me drool.
9. Six and a half stitches. Where, oh, where does she get her amazing japanese fabrics? I strive to have her sense of style: it is always clean, pure and refreshing. And I wish I had thought of it first.
10. Say What? Emily's quickie posts never fail to either crack me up or make me think.

And now, I'm all linked out. Phew!


By Veronique
On Thursday, January 24, 2008
At 1/24/2008 02:18:00 PM


No Resolutions.

Last year, I joined Wendy's Knit From Your Stash 2007 endeavor. I think I did well, mostly thanks to the exceptions to the no-buying-yarn rule (phew!). For example, you were allowed to buy yarn if the project was a gift, and you were allowed to purchase unlimited amounts of sock yarn. Also, Knit From Your Stash only lasted from January until September 30th, 2007. Just in time for Rhinebeck! I used my Get Out of Jail Free card to purchase 20 balls of lovely olive colored Rowan's All Seasons Cotton from Yai Ann, and then completely broke down at Habu and made unallowed purchases, but, give me break, that was on August 21st!

Here is a tally of what I knit in 2007 and a look at where the yarn came from:

  • 6 baby items:
-2 group blankets with new yarn (allowed!)
-3 baby sweaters: EZ's Baby Surprise Jacket *stash yarn*, EZ's February sweater *stash yarn* and EZ's Baby Bog (new yarn, allowed).
- 1 baby hat, *stash yarn*

I haven't really made any resolutions for 2008, and look what happened:
Project # 1: Charade socks for my boyfriend, using Yarntini's Chocolatini colorway (purchased from the Plucky Knitter)
PR's Charade socks

Project #2: A scarf for me, using Fable HandKnits's delicious baby alpaca (left over from my Sensual Knits 2 project) and a random mohair/silk blend from the stash (purchased at Yarnivore way back when!). My own design, using the two color star stitch. Unblocked and looks like crap here...

Project #3: Marigold socks, by Pamela of FlintKnits, using Vesper Sock yarn in Strange Little Mama (purchased for me by Lisa, who selflessly hit the reload button on the Vesper Etsy site until this colorway came up). Since Pamela's lace pattern is worked over 7 rows and the Vesper stripes are 5 rows, I had to fudge a little.
Marigold socks

I made a garter heel, inspired by Gleek. She used this heel quite some time ago (October 2006!), but I had it squirreled away in my mind and knew I would use it eventually. Especially since the heels of my other pair of Vesper socks wore right through. I think the garter heel will be sturdier.
We have a heel.

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By Veronique
On Thursday, January 10, 2008
At 1/10/2008 12:41:00 PM