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Tres Chic Veronique


Pink and Green: good news!

I'm so happy today: it's warm and sunny and my late afternoon/early evening meeting has been cancelled! Yay!
Hopefully my good mood will rub off on you.

Here is: ------drumroll-----

Peanut's EZ Baby Surprise Jacket (I got the pattern from Knitting Workshop). It is indeed a surprise: as I was knitting it, I tried to fold various edges in all sorts of ways and could *not* figure it out. Huh. In fact, I cast on for it saturday (because I was feeling guilty for having ripped it out previously and because I knew that the Gleek family was on its way home from the hospital at about the same time), and I could not put it down. Curiosity kept me going! I finished sunday evening.
Here it is, all unfolded. As EZ mentions in the pattern: it's going to look odd, but press on! And so I did.
But then, you lift up the upper corner and fold it up...
... you lift up another corner...
... you do the same on the other side...
Voila! A baby sweater!
And the back (of which I am particularly proud of, since I could not get those decreases to line up properly):

Now Peanut has 2 Baby Surprise Jackets, the first one, which inspired me, was knitted by Sarah.

Pattern Specs:
Yarn: 1 and a smidge balls of Noro Lily in variegated pink/blue/green (which has been dubbed "Easter Colors" by the Spiders), gifted by Jacqueline, and one and a bigger smidge balls of Noro Lily in Lime Green (actually, what is called "Vert Anis" in France: not quite as neon as Lime, and not as acidic as Chartreuse).
Needles: US 6 Addis, 24" length.
Striping pattern: 5 ridges color A, 5 ridges color B, 2 ridges color A, 2 ridges color B.
Buttons: TBD...
Started: March 24, 2007
Finished: March 25, 2007 (well, except for a teeny bit a seaming, but come on, I consider it done!).

PS: I would totally buy Vesper sock yarn again. I'm a sucker for self striping yarn. And she picks the most amazing colors! In fact, in my stash right now, I have Strange Little Mama, which was kindly purchased for me by my fantastic roommate, Lisa, who knew that I could not be near a computer at the time of the Etsy shop update and therefore hit the re-load button many times until she got the colorway I wanted. And she didn't even buy anything for herself! Anyway, I have to check if I have the new 80% superwash wool/ 20% nylon. But even if it's the "old" 100% merino, I still love it! (Just not with cute little flats).

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By Veronique
On Tuesday, March 27, 2007
At 3/27/2007 09:39:00 AM