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Tres Chic Veronique


The Last of the Secret Knitting Revealed!

I was holding off until all gift knitting had been gifted... Well, we had the baby shower this sunday, so I can finally blog about knitting for Curtis and Jamie's baby! Now, I'm assuming that you enjoy seeing pictures of knitted items at least as much as I do, *however*, these particular pictures pose somewhat of a problem. You see, on one hand, they are the only pictures I have of these gifts, but on the other hand, I'd been drinking, um, well, a few mimosas.
If you are a nice person, a really nice person (and I know you are, I took a poll!), then you might call these "artistic". If not, feel free to leave a snarky comment.

First off, Liisa's Bitty Baby Booties, which she customized to look like Converse. Pattern by Heather Bailey. Check out the Bitty Booties group on Flickr. And check out Liisa's pic.
Jamie & Curtis' baby shower 1
Next up: EZ's February baby sweater! (Made with odds and ends, some Zara, some Aurora).
Jamie & Curtis' baby shower 3
What do you mean, it's blurry? OK, I'll use the flash:
Jamie & Curtis' baby shower 4
Hm. That didn't help. And my subjects lost interest.

And, finally! Drumroll please! Preeeeeeesenting the piece de resistance, the MITERED SQUARE BLANKET!!
Jamie & Curtis' baby shower 6
Aww, mitered squares will make anybody happy :)

(Not pictured: a gift certificate from a few of us for a few weeks of cloth diaper service. This company gives you enough clean diapers for a week -did I hear 80?!-, and picks up the dirty ones too!)

The Mitered Square Blanket was made by (in alphabetical order): Betsy, Liisa, Maureen, Rebekah, Sarah and me.
Yarn: Rowan's All Seasons Cotton, 10 balls of Mocha and 10 balls of Sea Spray, a color that Rowan decided not to release after all. Why? It's a lovely turquoise/teal color.
Needles: I used 6s.
More deets: We made 42 squares, each 6". Yes, there was a marathon seaming session, which I ran mercilessly. Don't worry, the girls are still all speaking to me. Kinda.

All right, this time I'm really done with all the secret knitting. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to indulge in some girl talk (and perhaps a bit of partying?) with a certain someone who is about to leave this continent for a few months :(


By Veronique
On Monday, February 26, 2007
At 2/26/2007 11:50:00 AM