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Tres Chic Veronique


The New Fad Among Spiders:

Presenting: the Anemoi Mittens!
Anemoi Mittens: a hit with the Spiders!
From left to right:
An Abundance of Lisa, me, the Yarnmonster. Don't ask me why we are holding our noses. The Point smells good, I swear! (Oh, if you are very good at playing detective, you might notice some red bamboo --no, not that Red Bamboo-- in the photo. It's for Secret Project #2! Which is half-way done, in case you were wondering).

Speaking of Secret Projects: well, they're secret. You'll have to make do with non-knitting related posts for now. And I have to point out that you seem to like these non-knitting posts. I can't believe the number of comments I've received, and the number of people who have delurked all because of my hair! (I'm now reading 11 new blogs). Who knew that the Chi straightening iron was the Addi turbo of knitting (it's expensive, but once you try it, you're hooked!)? My hair has been shiny and amazingly straight ever since. I can't believe I've been walking around with frizzy hair all this time!

By Veronique
On Wednesday, January 31, 2007
At 1/31/2007 01:28:00 PM