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Tres Chic Veronique


I won! I won!

I always enter contests, knowing the odds are against me. But if you don't sign up, you will never win, right? Well, this time, I entered this contest and I won! Wheee! Jacqueline at Serendipity celebrated her 2nd blogiversary by giving away some of her precious stash, and let me tell you, she's giving seriously sweet gifts. Thanks Jacqueline! I feel like I might jinx myself if I mention exactly what those gifts are, as I'm still waiting for my parents' Christmas gift which the US customs is holding hostage. *sigh*

In other news, I've been busy knitting baby items. I know 3 babies that will be born in March. Three! I made a Baby Bog jacket for Gleek's Peanut. (I was about to crop Beth out of Jess's picture so as to show off the Baby Bog, but really, how could I crop Beth out? She is seen here holding up a Log Cabin Blanket made by Katie and Amanda).
Speaking of Beth, we wore matching outfits at the Spider Double Baby Shower! See?
(Now that I see the picture, it would have been funnier to have us pose sideways. A sort of Before and After pose if you will).

Pattern: Baby Bog Jacket from EZ's Knitting Around
Inspiration: Jess's Bog Jacket looked so good, and the construction seemed so intriguing that I had to try. And a baby-sized sweater is done so quickly! I look forward to helping Lisa write out the pattern for her Bog Jacket...
Yarn: Karabella's Windy in Raspberry and Chocolate (at least, that's what I call those colors, Karabella calls them 8 and 11). 100% cotton. This yarn is available at School Products, but I don't think it's been released yet. It is a DK/worsted weight *super* soft cotton.
Needles: Addis, size 6. (Not size 9 as recommended by the silly label).
Mods: Since garter st is so thick and I didn't want Peanut to be weighed down by this jacket, I knitted it all in stockinette. Oh, and I added some fair isle checkered squares (2 st by 2 rows) at the bottom. The jacket seemed a little plain, you know?

Now that I am almost done with baby knitting, I look forward to knitting for me me me. However, there are too many choices! I started ripping out Mermaid, I still have Panache and the beginning of a scarf somewhere in my living room... And then I got Glampyre's book, Fitted Knits. Here are my faves:
Fitted Knits-- Glampyre's new book!
Fitted Knit--Glampyre's book!
This book really has something for everyone. I brought it to Marie's fabulous spinning party (which I didn't even blog about!) and we each had a favorite pattern!
Oh, and I'm dying to make Domiknitrix's Goth sweater from her book, but the pattern hasn't been included in the book for space constraints and I've been told since November that the pattern will be released imminently... I have no patience. And I love Joan McGowan-Michael's Swan Lake short-sleeved cardi from the Spring IK.
I am holding strong on my Knit From Your Stash 2007 resolution though, so excuse me while I go stash diving...

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By Veronique
On Tuesday, February 20, 2007
At 2/20/2007 12:01:00 PM