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Tres Chic Veronique



It's fall, and all I want to do is stay home by the fireplace. OK, fine, I don't actually have a fireplace. But if I did, that's where I'd be! Knitting quietly by the fire... Oh, it sounds so cozy. *sigh*

Instead, I get some sporadic knitting done here and there. I'd like to focus on my brother's Kirk cardigan. I knit the 2 sleeves fairly quickly (this summer), and I'm almost done with the back! And it's on size 10.5 needles, so I really have no excuse. I'm posting the pictures to try to shame myself into finishing this project (it's an old trick of mine, but it usually sometimes works). I'm trying to imagine my brother, shivering in his cold apartment. Aww, poor little brother!

But what I really want to do is start a new project. Yeah, yeah, I know, I have plenty of WIPs. Who doesn't? No, I want to start something fresh and engaging!
How about.... a cardigan of my own design?
Let's call it "Panache". Oh, it'll have flair! Here's a tentative sketch:
Elbow length sleeves? Long sleeves? Hmmmm...

The pattern is based on this simple observation: some stitch patterns "pull in" compared to stockinette. Cables, ribbing and smocking all accomplish this. You've never heard of smocking? (You haven't seen On and Off the Needles' Smocked sweater?!) Here's a swatch:
My idea is to start knitting (from the bottom up) in stockinette, then switch to cables/smocking instead of working waist decreases. The stitch count will stay the same! And then I'll switch back to stockinette for the bust. I'd also like the bottom to flare out a little bit... I have tons of Cashmerino for this (trust me: 29 balls).
Now, do you think I should go for a V neck, or a prim and proper rounded neck?

By Veronique
On Tuesday, November 07, 2006
At 11/07/2006 02:53:00 PM