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Tres Chic Veronique


My 100th Post!

This weekend was all about yarn shopping...
First, we had a Spiders' field trip to Habu.
Jess (in her Razor Cami), Steph and Lisa spent some quality time in the hallway of yarn. Well, we all did, but we had to do so in shifts since this is a narrow hallway.
In the main room, we have Jess in front, Katie and Marie. (Oh, and a little bit of Jess' head on the left and a smidge of Steph's smile on the right. This was an impromptu photo, no time for framing).

And here's my haul: the Kusha Kusha felted scarf kit with Grape-colored merino and black silk stainless steel. Can you see the steel glinting through the silk? I also got a gigantic hank (1,500 yds!!) of white single ply laceweight for $17. *swoon*

(Did you know that in Japan, Habu is called Avril? I thought the cone was stamped with the month in which it was manufactured, which did not make a lot of sense).

But that was not enough! The next day, Jess and I went to check out the new Brooklyn General store. We read the article in Knitter's Review and just *had* to go... The store is absolutely lovely: it's big, it has a very interesting collection of yarns (Morehouse merino, *lots* of Rowan, Manos, Blue Sky Alpaca, some Tess' Designer Yarns but not the sock yarn, which was the whole reason why Jess wanted to go!). And vintage fabrics, and cute bags, and ribbons, and felting kits, and milk paint, and quilting stuff. And... I found all the Elizabeth Zimmermann books I had been searching for! Finally! Now I feel like I can become a bone fida Zimmermaniac. I had been to many bookstores in the city plus a few yarn stores here and there and could not find a single EZ book! Shameful! I also got one little skein of Malabrigo to make the Swirly hat from the Opinionated Knitter... But don't worry, I'm still knitting on the Wedding shawl!
In fact, I should probably stop blogging and get back to the shawl. 23 rows to go!

By Veronique
On Tuesday, September 26, 2006
At 9/26/2006 08:47:00 PM