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Tres Chic Veronique


Another Hat Fits!

You know how sometimes you're sick of working on a sweater? The idea of those looooong rows.... The constant measuring until you finally make it to the armhole...

That's when you need a short and cute project, just to prove that you can whip something up.
This pattern, from Shibui Knits (purchased from PureKnits) fit the bill perfectly. (Oh, I love ordering from Yahaira! Her site is so pretty, she's quick and the packaging is so nice... And have you seen the cashmere lace from Habu?!).
Edited to Add: thanks to my roommate for taking these pics!
Notes: I used one ball of Cashmerino Baby (red, #700) and one ball of GGH Soft Kid (brown, #67), on US 2 Addis, and magic looped it. Now, the pattern specifies that gauge is not that important, so I just cast on, and went with it. However, the pattern also states that you should get somewhere around 6 stitches per inch. I got 8 spi. So, yeah, my hat is probably smaller than the designer intended it to be. Still fits though. And that's probably why I only needed one ball of each color, and not 2 as recommended.

Next up: a race.
I volunteered to knit a lace wedding shawl for the illustrator who drew my banner. I have 2 weeks. Eep! The bride-to-be is looking at my pattern suggestions as I type (Icarus, Lotus Blossom, Flower Basket and Seraphim) and I better get some yarn this week! Oh, this is so exciting!

By Veronique
On Sunday, September 17, 2006
At 9/17/2006 04:11:00 PM