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Tres Chic Veronique


My Secret Pal Rocks

(Warning: I think I've blown my monthly quota of exclamation points in one post).

I got a package from the Royal Mail! It's from my Secret Pal, Special Mittens!
It contained a gazillion goodies:
You thought I was exaggerating when I said "gazillion"? Seriously, there's 7 (seven!) types of candies there!! My absolute fave is the "Pocket Coffee": chocolate filled with syrupy espresso. This is GENIUS. (You'll also notice licorice, which I loooove, and roses made out of ribbons and a stretchy sequin thingy and Brighton Rock candy which I've never heard of but is delicious, let me tell you).
*And* she made me a cake cookbook, called "Special Mitten's Guide to Cake". It is beautifully decorated with japanese-inspired prints. Here's a exerpt:
"Naughtiest brownies", he he he...
*And* she made me a bracelet! It was all wrapped up in gold lame fabric. Ooh! Shiny! Me likey! It's i-cord with big pink glass beads. I love its non-subtleness.
SP bracelet
*And* the piece de resistance: Candy-colored yarn! It's a candy theme!
candy yarn
Special Mittens found this yarn in a shop that was closing, and she liked the idea of yarn living for so long in the UK, then travelling all the way across the ocean to come to rest in my greedy little hands. (Well, she didn't use the word greedy, but I know what I am). This yarn is very fine gauge, and although Special Mittens suggested I make socks, I'm thinking ... lacy shawl. I don't want an intricate lace pattern to compete with these beautiful colors, so I might make a very simple shawl. Plain old garter stitch? Boring! Hey, maybe I'll make an adult version of the Pinwheel blanket! Hmmm...

By Veronique
On Wednesday, February 01, 2006
At 2/01/2006 05:08:00 PM