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Tres Chic Veronique


too many projects

I cannot stay faithful to one project.

I've been chugging along on My Very Own Design. I'm maybe 40-50% done, knitting-wise, but you never know if I might need to rip and re-knit... I have no idea how this project will turn out, but I am holding out some hope that it might be the best cardigan *ever* and that I might submit it somewhere. A girl can dream, right? Just in case you were wondering, that's why I'm not posting pictures. Or maybe I'm just holding out on you.
Anyway, I got so tired of K2P2 ribbing on size 4 needles that I started glancing towards my stash. And guess what? Lots of interesting stuff in the stash! Who knew?

For example, I found some Lamb's Pride Worsted that I bought this summer. I've never ever knit with this yarn, and I have 6 skeins. I started making Poor Miss Finch's Esther Williams hat. It's going swimmingly (sorry, couldn't resist!). I figured it *might* get cold sometime during this winter and I'll need a hat.

Then, I got a scarf request from a friend of mine (president of this club) who, although he resides in Texas, spends 4-5 days a week in offices in DC/Pennsylvania/Jersey. This boy knows nothing about cold: he admitted to not even owning a winter coat! He asked if I would knit him a scarf, and I really could not say no. He specified that I could not go crazy on the colors, so I chose the monochromatic Interlocking Balloons pattern from Scarf Styles (check out Streets & YOs' and Naive Knitting's versions). I scored 4 balls of Karabella Aurora in a mustardy color from Marie at our yarn exchange in November, and it is perfect for this project! I might dye it a different color after I'm done knitting though, to turn it into a more "manly" color. You know, navy, gray, brown.... (Bo-ring!).

Oh, and I'm knitting the cutest baby project in GGH Esprit. The pieces of this cardigan are so small and the knitting is quick! Maybe I should only knit baby garments...

And please, don't mention the Somewhat Cowl. (I have the yarn. I even cast on and realized I'm off gauge. I will just have to live vicariously through Spiders Amanda, Katie and Stephanie who are all knitting it).

By Veronique
On Tuesday, January 24, 2006
At 1/24/2006 05:56:00 PM