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Tres Chic Veronique


I've been tagged!

I've been tagged by Sassy Stitchess!

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Sassy Stitchess

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Brooklyn Tweed because I read his blog and yet know nothing about him.
'Tina because she missed my last tag.
Marie because I want to hear more about her opera singing.

That were you doing 9 years ago?
January '97: I had to look it up on my CV! I was in the middle of my second maitrise (somewhat similar to a Master's), this one in genetics, in my hometown of Strasbourg, France. I had broken up with an evil boyfriend of 4 years, and had just hooked up (New Year's eve!) with a new, soon-to-be boyfriend of 4 years. It seems there is a expiration date on my boyfriends. I was living in a crummy little studio, and I hated it. Also, most of my friends had turned out to be loyal to my ex, so I was pretty lonely that year. Anyway, this new boyfriend was american and convinced me to come to the States, which I did, that summer. So I got my driver's licence and moved into an apartment in Long Island with my new boyfriend. I was scared out of my wits, but really wanted to get out of my hometown! (Take heart, Joy!) My father predicted that I would be back within a year... Sorry dad!

What were you doing 6 years ago?
January 2000. Well, I had spent the 2000 New Year in the middle of nowhere in Bretagne, France. My parents rented a quaint cottage right by the ocean. I was a graduate student at SUNY Stony Brook, and all my classmates were preparing for their qualifying exam. At that point, I already knew that my lab was moving from Long Island to NYC, and I did not have to take this dreaded exam since I was transfering to a NYC university which did not impose a qualifying exam on its students... I was so excited to be leaving Long Island!! Of course, I had been to the city many times, but the idea of actually living made me giddy.

What were you doing one hour ago?
Looking up submission guidelines for Knitty. I dowloaded the pattern template, and started filling it in. Then I changed my mind about my design. It turns out I don't want a sweater, I want a cardigan! The problem with hand-knitted sweaters is that they are always too warm. The only things I knitted that I wear often are cardigans. The sweaters are on a shelf, and I pet them every once in a while, but I rarely wear them. (But I'm still making the Somewhat Cowl with 3/4 sleeves because I think it would be wearable).

Name 3 movies/tv program you can't turn off if you stumble across them on television:

Name 3 things you want to improve upon this year:
  • Force myself to finish projects. (Hear that almost-finished-fair-isle-mitten?)
  • Stop procrastinating. (Hear that, pile-of-laundry?)
  • Stop interrupting people all the time

Name 3 things you can't live without:

Name 3 things you could...
  • The construction on FDR drive, right below my window, which starts at 7:30 am every day, sometimes even on weekends and sometimes even at night.
  • My dependence on contacts. I wish I could just open my eyes and see! (Or that I could get that fancy Lasik surgery).
  • Root beer. It smells like the french antiseptic Synthol.

Name 3 things you really like about yourself.
  • My step-mother once told me I was energetic. Funny, I see myself as such a procrastinator, and I could make you a list of things that I should have done this week but did not do. My point is, yes, I was surprised by her comment, but when I think about it, I am energetic. (I'm hoping she meant that in a good way --focused, gets things done-- and not in a bad way --hyper, scattered, loud--).
  • I like my nails. I know it sounds silly, but I used to bite my nails something fierce. I would bite them off until I bled. (TMI? Sorry). When I turned 24, I decided to stop. And I did, and now I don't have bloody stumps.
  • I am always on time, even though I don't wear a watch.

By Veronique
On Saturday, January 14, 2006
At 1/14/2006 10:41:00 AM