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Tres Chic Veronique


I'm on a blue kick, apparently

Since I saw Jillian, I realized that I had one more skein of Malabrigo in Stone Blue, and I cranked another La La Love You cowl in about 2 hours (Ravelry deets)
La La Love You

What's that? Why, yes, I *did* get a new camera. I stupidly dropped my beloved point & shoot and it broke. I was in denial, and went to several repair stores, convinced that someone could fix it for ~$40. Oh, I was so naive! Once reality sunk in, I briefly considered buying the same camera, but I've been dreaming of getting a digital SLR for a while now... So after a few emails to Sandra and Heather, I became the proud owner of a Canon Rebel XTi! I definitely hyperventilated on my way out of the store, and I'm hoping this is not a big costly mistake...
I have to admit that I thought the manual settings on my P&S and the dSLR would be similar, and that the transition would be smooth. Uh, no. Most of the pictures do not come out as I intended, especially in low light... Good thing you can take a gazillion pictures and select the best one! I'm getting the hang of it, but s-l-o-w-l-y.

Moving on...
I finished my second Esther sock! (Ravelry deets). You might remember that I started the first one last Summer?
Esther socks
For the first sock, I had maybe one foot of yarn left, but for the second sock....
Esther socks

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By Veronique
On Friday, September 26, 2008
At 9/26/2008 01:03:00 PM