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Tres Chic Veronique


Score One For The Knitting Mojo!

Yup, the Knitting Mojo is definitely back! I've been progressing on 2 projects.

Now that my yarn stash is displayed (mostly) in glass cases, I can hang out in my craft room and wonder which of these beauties will get knit up next, and what pattern I should marry them to. Two and a half ball of SWTC red bamboo yarn (a donation from Fig & Plum Jess, which she had been using to make a Razor Cami), called to me. The bamboo yarn is so unbelievably soft and drapy, and its color is glowing, and I really, really wanted to knit it. But what did it want to become?... I chose Kate Gilbert's Camellia pattern. The pattern is very well written (if you can figure out a lace pattern worked on both RS and WS rows, eep!), and I cruised through the back and the front. Except for one thing. One teeny, tiny problem.
See that little ball of yarn up there? That's all I have left. *gasp*
It was time to get scientific. I weighed the back: 126 g. (Oh, you knew I'd break down and buy a digital scale, right?). Before knitting the front, I weighed the amount of yarn I had left: 120g. Uh oh. And what about the sleeves?!
Ravelry to the rescue: wouldn't you know that one person is selling just one ball of this yarn in the same exact dye lot? Phew! And that Sharon (GimmeSanity) saw my Flickr photo and that she also has the same exact dyelot and she's up for a trade? The internet is a wonderful place, my friends :)
(Well, except when getting comments telling you that your crafting is "hideous", "poor ethetics" -sic- and that you have "dumb ideas". Wow. Really, you took time out of your day to let me know how much I suck? That's ridiculous! Also: you know you've made it as a blogger once you get hate mail).

Moving on: Project #2 to emerge form the craft room: Hyrna Herbogar.
Camellia and Hyrna Herbogar
Again, I've had both the yarn and the pattern for quite a while. This is 100% silk from Habu, the shinniest, splittiest, snaggiest yarn I have ever seen, and I love it. Not that you can tell, since it looks like a crumpled mess.

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By Veronique
On Wednesday, July 30, 2008
At 7/30/2008 03:22:00 PM