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Tres Chic Veronique


Knitting Mojo: Where Art Thou?

Did I ever tell you about the awesome Pride Marigold socks? Oh, yes. Yes, I did. In freaking February. Well, they've been done since April... But their insane brightness saturates my camera in a hideous way.
Pride Marigolds!

There is further evidence of my vanishing knitting mojo:

Exhibit A: The Lying Gauge Swatch.
I bought some Habu Shosenshi paper yarn about 3-4 years ago, with no specific project in mind. I thought it had an amazing texture, ok? I had no idea what to make with it until I saw the Chinese Style Pullover from Setsuko Torii's Habu book. *drool* Instead of wasting my newly purchased yarn on a swatch, I decided to swatch with the older yarn. It turns out that the new batch of yarn is *much* thinner than the older batch. I only figured this out when I had knit the entire front (or back, they're the same).
Gauge swatch = LIAR
Swatch on the right, completed front on the left.

Exhibit B: Fiddly Finishing Failure.
The Flutter Sleeve cardi needs one button band (out of 2) and some finishing on one sleeve. Great pattern, meet impatient knitter.

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By Veronique
On Wednesday, July 02, 2008
At 7/02/2008 03:13:00 PM