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Tres Chic Veronique


The Evil Juanita Or How I Ended Up Crying on 14th Street

Juanita did it again! Lisa and I had been promised keys to our new apartment today at 9am. So, I pack a van, get to Juanita's office and ask her for my keys. She responds "I can't give you the keys".
Now, at this point, I am not the most easy going person, you know what I mean? So I answered "oh yes, you can give me the keys". We went back and forth for a while. She called her manager, I called my broker. It turns out that they have gone back on their promise to give us the keys today for insurance reasons. They have now decided (without warning) that we will get the keys tomorrow at 8am. I reminded Juanita that her office promised to give the keys. She says that's not true, they never promised anything. She says I misunderstood. How could we misunderstand "you can pick up the keys friday at 9am"?

I was stunned. Flabbergasted. I thought maybe it was a cruel joke.

My van is parked in front of the building. I have to return it soon. What do I do? Juanita shrugs. I yell. I'm shaking. I cry. Juanita shrugs, then says I'm really annoying her. I was on the verge of unloading the contents of my van in her office. I beg her to find me storage space in the building: her office is next to an empty apartment, and hey, MY appartment is also empty. She says no. I plead with her, I tell her I'm homeless, I have nowhere to put my stuff. She says it's against the rules. I tell her this is an emergency, this is a desperate situation: I'm begging her to help me. Where will I stay tonight? She shrugs.

This is how I ended up unloading the van in the middle of 14th street. (A kind friend let me store the boxes in his apartment).

By Veronique
On Friday, June 30, 2006
At 6/30/2006 02:02:00 PM