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Tres Chic Veronique


"Could you please stop doing that?"

That's what the guy sitting next to me at the movies said to me.
I was quietly knitting on my Carmen socks , and this guy kept on turning his head to look at my knitting. I felt very smug, and was about to whisper "they're socks!" in order to answer the question he didn't dare ask. Boy, was I wrong. He spent the rest of the movie hunched forward so he couldn't see my moving hands in his peripheral vision. (Before you ask: no, I did not stop knitting. And, yes, I came up with all sorts of witty come-backs during the rest of the movie, but he never spoke to me again).
Edited to add: I went to the AMMI (museum of the moving image, in Astoria). They are serious about their movie-watching there. Eating and drinking is not allowed in the theater! They're having an Altman retrospective, and I saw Nashville.

Just like Martha, I have a Knitted Artifact to present:

This is an alpaca sweater my grand-mother knitted for me when I was in high school. Usually, my Mamie would take me to the yarn stores, and we'd flip through the magazines and pick a pattern. This was not an easy process, let me tell you. There are plenty of gorgeous sweaters that she would flat out refuse to knit. At the time, I was pretty pissed off, but now, of course, I get it... I probably wanted the sweaters that are a PITA to knit (either boring or technically difficult). Anyway, at one point, I decided I didn't want any novelty yarm (she made me a cabled really long sweater in the 80s with eyelash yarn!), I wanted to go back to the classics. Hence the alpaca and the clean shape.
I never wore this sweater often, so I'm thinking of unraveling it and making something else. I might even dye the yarn. I'm thinking RED. What do you think?

In other news, I have been knitting, but the new job is still occupying a lot of brain space and there's no room for knitting in it right now. But I did finish one front of my Phildar Granny Smith cardie, which I then sewed to the back and the one sleeve that I have.
Man, ribbing looks terrible when it's not worn. I was consoled by Kate Gilbert's pattern in the new Summer IK: it's all 2:2 ribbing, and the smallest size is 11" wide! Unstretched, of course. He he...

By Veronique
On Thursday, May 18, 2006
At 5/18/2006 10:17:00 AM