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Tres Chic Veronique


Hello Brooklyn!

If I haven't been posting as often as before, it's because of 2 people: one person at work and Juanita. (I don't really want to blog about work stuff, so you'll only get to hear about Juanita. Don't worry, it's quite a story!).

My broker called me on wednesday May 31st and told me about a cute little 2 bedroom in a pre-war building and in exactly the neighborhood I was interested in. I snuck out of work and went to see the apartment that afternoon... My soon-to-be roommate, Lisa, went to see it that very evening after work (this girl is on top of things, let me tell you!). By thursday, we decided to take it. On friday, I gave my broker a deposit. I also gave him lots and lots of paperwork which the building management demanded. Lisa and I were very excited! We were anxiously awaiting a response.

This is when Juanita came into our lives and made us miserable. Juanita is the secretary at the building management company, and she was in charge of making sure our application was complete. She gave us grief about every single document Lisa and I gave her. Every. Single. One.
My last 3 paystubs? She wanted my last 3 at my new job. I hadn't received a paycheck yet. She said that's fine, but could you give me your last 3 paystubs?
My letter of employment? She didn't like the wording of it, and wanted my boss to rewrite it.
My W2s? She called to let me know I'd "forgotten" to include my 1040s, one week after she'd told me that giving only my W2s and not my 1040s was sufficient.
My rent checks? She called me 3 times to inform me thatI still needed to hand them in, when in fact my current rent is deducted from my paycheck, which she has a copy of. She told me she wanted the rent check on a separate piece of paper. (I was very tempted to tell her to cut my paystub in 2).
My lease? She asked for my most recent lease so I gave her my lease renewal. Then she wanted the original lease from 5 years ago.
My Con Ed bill? Electricity is included in my rent, therefore I do not have an electric bill. She said that was fine, but could I hand in my electric bill?
My social security card? I lost mine 10 years ago. She said that was ok, but could I give a copy of my social security card? I ended up going to the Social Security Office and got a new one.
ID? I gave her my passport, but she wanted my driver's licence.
She also asked for a letter from our schools, to certify that we were students. Neither of us are students.
I'm proud to say I only lost my shit once.

Finally, 23 days after visiting the apartment, I signed a lease!!

Let us say goodbye to my old view : I'll regret not seeing the 59th st bridge anymore, but noisy FDR I can do without. It's looking particularly dismal with all the rain today. Now compare it to my new view at the top of this post. Wheeeee! In knitting-related news: I've finished the Phildar green cardie, I got awesome self-striping yarn from the Yarnmonster, and I'm halfway done with my mother's Lotus Blossom Shawl. Her birthday is monday... Should I pack some more boxes or just knit on?...

By Veronique
On Saturday, June 24, 2006
At 6/24/2006 12:54:00 PM