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Tres Chic Veronique


Knitting on TV

I was watching one of my favorite movie channels, the "old movie channel" (TCM) and guess what I found? Knitting!
The movie is called Quality Street (just like the candy!) and features Katharine Hepburn as a pretty young thing at the turn of the century who is fixated on getting married. (I guess that's what young women did back then). Anyway, she visits her old spinster aunts, and guess what they're doing?!

Spinster #1, the bitter and mean one
Spinster #2, the nice and pretty one

Group of spinsters
I got a great kick out of seeing knitting on TV at first. Then I realized how these women were portrayed as pathetic. One of the spinsters has even made a wedding dress, just in case one of them ever got proposed to. She gives it to Hepburn of course. At this point, I had to turn the TV off. Aren't you glad that we are part of the new knitting generation?

I just now looked at the plot synopsis on IMDB, and it seems much more complex than I thought. Hepburn has a crush on a doctor, and assumes he's going to propose. Instead, he enlists in the army and is gone for 10 years (wimp!). Upon his return, he's shocked, shocked! to discover how old she looks (and how old do *you* look, mister?). Anyway, Hepburn spruces herself up for a ball, just to prove him wrong. She transforms herself so completely that he doesn't recognize her! She takes the game up one notch by pretending to be someone else, her own niece in fact. They spend the evening flirting, but in the end, he admits that he cannot marry this beautiful young girl because a) the "niece" is too ... flirty --clearly a deplorable quality in a young woman-- and b) he's in love with the old Hepburn. Happy ending, right? Well, no. The dreaded spinsters, pictured above, are watching Hepburn like a hawk so she can't even tell him that she IS the old Hepburn. Ooh, those evil knitting spinsters!

By Veronique
On Thursday, November 10, 2005
At 11/10/2005 01:12:00 PM