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Tres Chic Veronique


multiple project mania

Number of projects I'm loyal to: 0
Number of edging repeats required for the Mystery Shawl 2: oh, about 50.
Number of edging repeats completed: 4.
(Hey! How did the 90% completed Rebecca Apricot Jacket get in this shot?)

Number of Renaissance gauntlets completed: 1. ONE. UN. UNO. One whole, entire gauntlet. And I even cast on for the second one. Don't want to get second gauntlet syndrome...
(Look! The Renaissance gauntlet has conquered Europe!)

Number of times I've dyed Knit Picks' Andean Silk in red and orange: 2. (Yup, I was at it again last night).
Number of dye jobs I'm satisfied with: 0
(See? The red is nice and red, thanks to the 3 packets of Tropical Punch Kool Aid and red food coloring. Good. The orange? Not so orange. I'm trying to intimidate this so-called "orange" yarn with black dye. Ha!)

Number of balls knitted on Rebekah's project: 1 (yes, I told you about this already, but I have a picture of it now). This baby blanket is one big stockinette square with a 5 st garter border. Rebekah claims it is knitting valium for her after about 2 rows. We have a deal: I purl, she knits. It worked pretty well I think.

Number of new projects started: 1. Stay tuned!
Random note: did you see that WendyKnits has just started knitting Hanne Falkenberg's Mermaid? I'm making mine, in color 9, on size 1 needles. It is a project that is both easy (garter stitch!) and yet still interesting (short row shaping!). But, did I mention the size 1 needles? Also, now that I've reached the halfway point, the pattern instructs me to "reverse shapings". So I'm stuck at the halfway point. Something tells me WendyKnits won't be...

(Psst! Sarah: I changed the comments settings from "only registered users" to "anyone", so you can comment away).

By Veronique
On Tuesday, November 01, 2005
At 11/01/2005 11:59:00 AM