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Tres Chic Veronique


Obligatory Rhinebeck Post

I don't know about you, but I love reading about Rhinebeck over and over. I'm just so curious to find out what treasures knitbloggers have discovered, and I never tire of sheep, alpaca, llama and angora bunny photos.
Like this:
Snobby Llama
It's a snobby polka dot llama! It's tough to look snooty when your name is Cookie Dough, but if anyone can do it, this llama can.

I had a great time this year, and forced myself to do more than just shop. Because after a while, all the undyed farm wool looks the same from one booth to the next...

Here's what stood out for me:
Hanging out with Brainylady Alison, sheep shearing (check out my slide show), the Windy Valley Muskox stand (specifically this lace pattern that was *sob* sold out), Green Mountain Spinnery's New Mexico Organic yarn (which has a thumbs up review on Knitter's Review--so I got 8 skeins), eating apple crip, "french" artichokes (even though I have no clue what makes them french) and lamb kebabs, sheep dog trials, dogs catching frisbees, and petting these cashmere goats.

The drive on the Taconic parkway saturday morning was beautiful and relaxing:
Taconic Parkway
The ride back on sunday evening? Not so much...
Embossed Leaves
Yep, bumper to bumper traffic all the way to NYC... Good thing a knitter is never bored (unfortunately, the same cannot be said for drivers). During the 85 mile trip from New Paltz which took 3.5 hours, I finished one Embossed Leaves sock! Oh, and check out the cube bag I bought a while back from Cathy (aka Schrodinger). She sold the Spiders her first batch of cubes before putting them up on her Etsy store. We unanimously adored them, and sure enough, they've been selling out pretty quickly :)

Next up: an FO photoshoot in an apple orchard.


By Veronique
On Wednesday, October 24, 2007
At 10/24/2007 01:18:00 PM