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Tres Chic Veronique


I think I am going to cry

See that diagonal line that is separating the travelling ribs at the bottom from the Fair Isle seed stitch at the top? In the Rowan picture, this line is right *under* the bust. In my rendition, this line goes right *across my boobs*.

The thought of ripping down to the beginning of this diagonal line and reknitting it so it hits just right is .... discouraging. (I am trying not to use swear words as Katie won't be able to read my blog at work. Hi Katie! Aren't you glad you can read this whiny post?). This means ripping back each front and the back to about the halfway point. Not to mention that I've done a 3 needle bind off for the shoulders and started knitting the collar.

Why Rowan? Why?

And the worst part is, I still think this is going to be the best sweater ever. I haven't even given up on Rowan magazine #34: I'm dying to make Birch. All I want to do is run over to Habu and buy some of their mohair/silk yarn in steel gray (Gobaishi). Won't it keep me nice and warm this summer, in overly air condionned places?

ETA: I got a huge response from everybody about my last post. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that cutting yarn would freak knitters out! Made your blood pressure go up, huh? He he he...
Oh, and by the way, the sleeves of Rapunzel are (I think) working out just fine. (Knock on wood).

By Veronique
On Wednesday, March 29, 2006
At 3/29/2006 04:54:00 PM